Visit Montréal

•   Montréal is a truly cosmopolitan city where French and English are currently used. It is the second largest French-speaking city in the world. Two thirds of its people are of French descent and speak French though most can understand English. One fifth of the population is of British ancestry. You will meet people from several nationalities, among others, Italian, Haitian, Jewish, Greek, Chinese, Lebanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese. With a metropolitan population of close to 4 million, Montreal is the second largest area in Canada. One of two large islands of the St. Lawrence River, it is also one of the world’s largest inland seaports.

•  From its highest point, Mont Royal, you can have a postcard view of the city. Among the oldest cities on the continent, Montréal hosts millions of visitors each year. Its British and French heritage, its strong French flavor and hospitality, a rich multicultural life, fine restaurants of all nationalities, high quality meals at an affordable cost, great shopping facilities and a lively nightlife are all attributes that make it the most amazing destination in North America.

•  Discover our underground city with a 43 km pedestrian network of boutiques, restaurants, theatres, train and bus stations, universities, etc. – all linked by the city’s Metro (subway). You will be charmed by its architecture of French and British influence and by its unique outdoor stairways in front of apartment houses. You’ll love the sidewalk cafes, or touring Old Montréal in the comfort of a horse-driven carriage, strolling along its cobblestone streets or taking a cruise on the St. Lawrence River.

•  It is a friendly, fun-loving city, open-minded to other cultures and where it is safe to walk the streets at night. Some of Montreal’s remarkable attractions:

  • Old Montréal, the Old Port, Notre-Dame Basilica;
  • The Mount-Royal and the St. Joseph Oratory;
  • the Olympic Park, the Biodome, the Rio Tinto Planetarium and the Botanical Garden;
  • Place des Arts and the Montréal Symphony Orchestra, the Grands Ballets Canadiens, the Opéra de Montréal;
  • A wide range of museums and historic sites: Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts, McCord Museum, Canadian Center for Architecture, Montréal Museum of Archeology and History, etc.;
  • The Ste-Hélène and Notre-Dame islands with the Jean-Drapeau Park, the Casino, the Biosphere;
  • And the neighbourhoods: le Plateau, la petite Italie, McGill ghetto and more.

And more for art and history lovers: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Modern Art Museum, the Pointe-à-Callière – museum of Archeology and History of Montréal,  the Centre des Sciences, the McCord Museum and many art galleries.  Montréal is renowned as la «Ville des Festivals». The probability of encountering one of the festivals when you visit Montréal is pretty good.